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What an absolute hot mess today in congress.  A review begins with a reminder of the manufactured OrangeManBad outrage du jour.  Obviously a cartoon is needed:

As typical in an era where outrage is generally promoted to the level of Moonbat crazy, the circle of stupid was fueled by the media, who fired-up the politicians… who fired-up the outrage protestations… who fueled the media… and thus the circle of stupid continued.

All the way to Nancy Pelosi dropping all Speaker pretense of actual legislation, and instead choosing to bring a resolution to the House floor to advance Muh “racist” OrangeManBad.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised.

Spending appropriations bills need to be resolved.

Immigration laws need to be fixed.

The border is in crisis.

Infrastructure spending needs to be resolved.

The USMCA needs to be ratified.

Forget all those issues that matter…. what does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi do?

Why, stop everything so she can advance a resolution to prove her squad doesn’t like President Trump.

Then Pelosi walks out.

Speaker Pelosi turns the Chair over to Emanuel Cleaver.

That didn’t work out too well:

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