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By Ted Noel

As I watch the Hunter Biden saga unfold, I’m reminded of a dog my family had when I was in grade school. It was a beautiful Irish Setter, and it loved to chase the UPS truck… until one day it caught it.
You can finish the story for yourself.
The New York Post published the Hunter Biden laptop story a few weeks before the presidential election, and most people never heard about it because the Masters of The Universe deplatformed anyone who dared to post it. Various Russian assets in the “Intelligence” Community loudly declared that it was “Russian disinformation.” Drive-by Media talking heads called it “stolen.” Every effort was taken to bury it. And, for a while, “Hunter Biden” disappeared from public view. And his father assumed residence in the White House.
A few reports that the DOJ was questioning Hunter’s compliance with tax laws slipped out, but those were lost in the noise. Now something has changed. Special Prosecutor Durham has indicted some of the RussiaGate conspirators, and bits of that have slipped out into the public consciousness. And while Bumbling Joe continues to be propped up by the MSM, his “gaffes” are getting worse and worse. He seems to have forgotten that you don’t say the quiet part out loud, and some of his pronouncements are putting our allies into uncomfortable places. Circle-back Psaki has been forced into some improbably verbal gymnastics.
As the midterm elections approach, President Asterisk’s approval numbers continue to sink into the muck. The State of the Union Address didn’t provide the usual ratings bump. The war in Ukraine ought to improve his standing, but no positive effect is in sight. His popularity remains below that of Donald Trump at the same stage, but Trump was the victim of incessant false media attacks, while Brandon is constantly propped up. Democrat incumbents in formerly “safe” Democrat districts are worried about losing, and the Screech Patrol led by Princess Pelosi are bemoaning the “death of democracy” should Republicans use democratic processes to take back the House and Senate.
This sense of impending doom has the commentariat buzzing. With the laptop getting larger in the windshield, Biden is the dog that caught the delivery truck, and now it’s about to run over him. Even the blindest Democrats can see that, but they seem unable to make any sort of decision about what to do. And not making a decision is a decision. So we must consider what comes next.
Democrats broke a host of state laws to allow improper ballots to install a decaying derelict in the White House. According to the Pottery Barn rule, they broke it, so they bought it. No one without a “D” has any responsibility for any part of the fallout from nuking election laws and procedures. Many states have seen the carnage and built firewalls against future malfeasance. So the way that the last election was “managed” is no longer available. This suggests that the party of Biden is in for trouble. So what can they do?
Democrats seem unable to understand that they are the problem. Instead, we get blather about “We aren’t getting our message out” or something equally incomprehensible. The great majority of Americans have heard the Dems loud and clear and don’t like it. Why else would MSNBC report that 71% of Americans think we’re on the wrong track?
Let’s assume that the Democrats actually tumble to the obvious fact that their wonderful occupant of the White House is becoming addled. When they realize that he is the face of their radically destructive plans on every front, what can they do? The obvious move is to change the picture on the Wanted posters. Redirect! Distract! It has worked so well with boosters and Ukraine, so why wouldn’t it work again? The playbook must be perfect, so we’ll pull out the Statue of Liberty misdirection play. Get Joe to retire. Or retire him via the 25th Amendment. No problem. All they have to do is get the VP and majority of the cabinet to go along. Joe will go, and Cackling Kamala will become acting President.
But… not so fast…

Joe might just be sufficiently angry to certify that he’s really OK, allowing him to reclaim the Resolute Desk. That sets off a new series of events. The original coup can be repeated, but that doesn’t get the job done by itself. Now the VP and Cabinet have to get two thirds of both houses of Congress to go along. Predicting that vote is an exercise in futility.
Republicans, assuming they have any party unity at all, can easily block the motion in the Senate. Having a perplexed President “leading” the Dems is likely to be a great boon for their chances in November. Do we let the Dems ditch him? Or not? In the House, it would be herding cats. But what about the Dems? Will they be all-in on the deal?
Let’s suppose that the Dems succeed in dumping the Derelict. They will then have the most un-serious person in public history running the Executive Branch. If they thought that Biden was disrespected, Harris will set a new low for that unenviable condition. Her cackling laugh will turn even left-leaning Independents against the Democrat party. So she’s not a viable option.

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