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by Ace

Donkey-Chompers and America’s Terrorist Sweetheart Ilhan Omar have their hands locked behind their backs as if they’re cuffed, as police lead them away from their blockade, giving the appearance that these Socialist Protest Warriors have been shackled by The Man.
But when the crowed cheered them, whoops!, they give the stunt away by waving, showing their hands are uncuffed. They’re just pretending they’re handcuffed so that the media takes pictures of them in a hands-in-cuffed-position pose, and reports that they’re handcuffed.
Which the media does.
Even the video clearly shows them freely moving their hands when they want to.
And then the media claims it’s “unclear” if they’re cuffed or not.
Maybe they’re just wearing those new Inviso-Cuffs with the special patent-pending Unlimited Range of Motion feature.
By the way: Insurrection? They’re attempting to stop an official government action.

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