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by Don Surber

In politics, a bellwether is a county or state that tracks elections well. Missouri was a notoriously accurate forecaster of presidential elections, missing only once in a century — until Obama came along. Now it is so decidedly Republican that it was not considered a battleground in 2020.

Iowa and Ohio also no longer are battlegrounds. Donald John Trump’s staunch defense of capitalism and the American way flipped them.

Florida may be next.

In fact, 18 of the 19 bellwether counties in America went for President Trump, which is further proof that Democrats stole the presidential election.

BBC tried to explain the situation to us dumb Americans in a piece, “Why the most accurate bellwether counties were wrong.”

It failed.

The piece rambled on at length never living up to its billing. Finally, the author gave up and ended the piece, “Whether or not these less diverse, industry-dependent communities can regain their bellwether status in four years’ time remains to be seen. As the country’s demographics shift and the rural-urban divide becomes more pronounced, the chances appear slim.”

Less diverse?

The bellwether county with the longest winning streak is plurality Hispanic.

Democrats are losing the country because Democrats lost touch with the country. They impeached the man who brought unemployment down to 3.5% and increased average household income by 12% in just 3 years.

The bellwethers nailed this election. And Democrats know it.

2020’s blue wave turned red.

Especially in Florida.

Rod Thomson reported, “No less a non-conservative authority than Politico has labeled the Florida Democratic Party in post-election meltdown after a complete beatdown by the Florida GOP in the Nov. 3 election. It’s so bad that Democrats are seriously worried that Florida has become a permanently red state.”

President Trump carried the state by more than 3 points and by more than 370,000 votes.

But it was down the ballot that have Democrats worried.

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