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John Sexton @ Big Government:

One question that did not come up in Monday’s foreign policy debate was the President’s use of drones to target specific individuals, including American citizens, for death – aka, the president’s “kill list.” When asked about it in the spin room of the Hofstra debate last Tuesday, three different Obama surrogates–Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Chuck Schumer and Robert Gibbs–literally walked away from the question.

We Are Change is a left wing group which seems to have held on to two powerful strains of Bush-era progressive discontent: 9/11 trutherism and concern over diminished civil liberties during the war on terror. Under Obama, the latter concern translates into a focus on the indefinite detention of Gitmo detainees and the President’s so-called kill list.

Members of We Are Change got into the spin room after the 2nd debate and asked a few Obama surrogates to address these questions. As you’ll see, the surrogates literally walked away from the questions. First up is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who claims she has “no idea” what the question is about before walking away. Perhaps she missed this front pageNY Times story.


Robert Gibbs also walked away from the question, though he continued to talk with another reporter:


Finally, Senator Chuck Schumer was asked about indefinite detention and walked away saying, “I’m not going to answer a question that’s so journalistically biased.”

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