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Old Joe Biden went to Baltimore (or “almost home,” as he called it) Wednesday to address the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference. And to hear the putative president tell it, it’s all sunshine and flowers in America today because we are so deeply blessed to have him pretending to be at the helm. Just think about how bad off you were a few years ago, when the price of gas was under three dollars a gallon, the tidal wave of illegal migrants at the Southern border had slowed to a trickle, there was no inflation to speak of, and Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine. Good thing Old Joe has come along to solve all our problems, and he wants us to know what a stellar job he’s done.
A telling indication of how detached from reality Dementia Joe has become came early in his remarks, when he said that he wanted to “recognize the greatest Speaker in the history of the United States of America — I think I coined that phrase, because it’s true, because I worked with her for so long — Nancy Pelosi.” The greatest speaker in history? Come on, man!
I’d ask what Old Joe was smoking, but at this point he can take these flights of fancy without hallucinogenic aids. Biden even added that “Nancy has incredible, incredible power here in the East, particularly in Maryland, particularly in Baltimore.” Given the state of Baltimore, a crime-ridden, trash-filled ruin, Nancy’s “incredible power” apparently has not been used for good.
But that was just the beginning of Biden’s retreat into fantasy.
“I ran for President,” Old Joe informed us, helpfully adding “literally, not figuratively” (if only his presidency were figurative and not literal), in order to “build the economy from the middle out and the bottom up. Not a joke.” Biden likes to inform his audiences that something is not a joke or that he is not joking far more often than he actually tells jokes, and when he resorts to this verbal tic, it usually signifies that he is lying. This instance was no different. “I was so sick and tired,” the alleged president continued, “of talking about trickle-down economics.” That’s terrific, Joe! It’s high time that someone took a principled stand against all those greedy, top-hatted, cigar-smoking capitalists!
The only problem with Biden’s remark here is that no one, literally no one, is talking about “trickle-down economics” except Biden himself and other Leftists who keep telling us how bad it is. In reality, however, what Biden derides as the greed of the rich actually does result in the creation of businesses that employ the middle class and poor. What he and his henchmen are offering instead is socialism, that is, the confiscation of the money the rich have earned through their hard work and ingenuity, and its redistribution to the idle who have never accomplished anything. As the unanimous record of socialist states demonstrates, this actually kills initiative and destroys the economy, and America is well on the way to that same workers’ paradise.
Biden also had the jaw-dropping audacity to boast about his regime’s achievements. “You know, when we came in, the economy was in — in ruins. We were — we had so many lost jobs. And it went beyond the pandemic; it started before that.” Joe was, of course, lying again. When Trump took office, the unemployment rate was 4.7%. By December 2019, it was 3.6%. But Biden and the Democrats know that few people will check their claims, and that the establishment media will report them uncritically. So there is no downside to lying brazenly.
“The inflation,” Biden added, “has fallen seven straight months.” Great, but in 2020 the inflation rate was 1.23%. In 2021, it jumped to 4.7%. Gee, what changed between 2020 and 2021? Joe likewise had the audacity to boast that “gas prices are down $1.65 since their peak, and we’re going to keep pushing.” Let’s see. When was that peak, exactly? In January 2021, the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.42. Now it’s $3.50. Wow, Joe, you’ve done great!

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