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Obama loyalists leaked the name, and this time, it’s a real clandestine agent, not a fake one, like Valerie Plame.

They did so to make him unable to take the job.

The New York Times acted as their all-too-willing accessory.

The New York Times, while admitting that the man is still actually undercover, says they feel comfortable doing so, because a newspaper has previously published his name before, but not as an agent having anything to do with Iran, but as overseeing the drone program in Yemen and Pakistan.

The newspaper they cite as the culprit for previously leaking his name, which now gives the New York Times permission to leak it again when he takes a very critical undercover job?

Why, the New York Times. The New York Times outed him in 2015 as the head of Obama’s drone program in Yemen and Pakistan, and now the New York Times cites the New York Times as precedent to out him again as the new Iran head.

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