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by JoNova

Patrick Byrne sums up the latest in the Maricopa County Audit.  We knew it was bad, but it’s like the election was run by the underage mafia branch of activist dropouts. The leadership of the most powerful nation in the world depended on it, but no one had updated the software in two years, a twelve year old must have been in charge of printing and a million files, a whole million, were deleted the day before the subpoena deadline. The day before.
A quarter of a million early votes have no custody trail, just magically appearing. And while most people could sign their names before the election, everyone who was illiterate in Mariopa found a way to vote in bins and buckets that would only be counted after election day. What were the odds?
The printing calibration was off, the ink bled through the paper, which was suspiciously low quality, and the votes were certified before people voted, indeed before the ballot papers were even printed.  It’s like someone committed a crime, but didn’t even try to cover it up.
Patrick Byrne:

The Maricopa election should not have been certified, and the reported results are not reliable


  • The day before complying with the subpoena, Maricopa deleted > 1 million election files (each deletion carries 1 federal and state charge);
  • What remained did not reconcile;
  • 255,326 Early Votes have no provenance (they just “appeared”) and another 284,412 have digital images that have been corrupted (with no viable explanation for how that might have happened);
  • There are at least 57,734 ballots with sourcing that is illegal (they were mailed to someone who actually moved out of state 10 years ago, but were voted anyway);
  • There are over 17,000 ballots which are simply photocopies (which is unambiguously illegal);
  • There were 15 other felonies whose impact on the ballots is impossible to quantify;
  • If we turn a blind eye to all that, Biden wins by 10,800 votes.

Centipede Nation

..Ben Cotton described massive IT and Cybersecurity Issues.

  1. 865 directories and 85,673 Election related files were deleted between 10/20/2020 and 11/05/2020.
  2. 1,064,746 Election related files were deleted. Many of them contained scanned ballots.
  3. The files were deleted the DAY before the audit began.
  4. Cyber ninjas have screenshots of the people who deleted logs. Unnamed suspects illegally accessed the computer system just before the audit. They were identified by video capture recorded at the time of the breach.
  5. 284,412 Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.
  6. After election day, 95% of signatures are illegible (versus 5% in early voting).

Votes were “Certified and Approved” before they were even printed.

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