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From the Christchurch massacre to the deaths of Gaza protesters, Democratic candidates for president have spoken out against violence in foreign countries, especially when Americans are among the victims. It’s natural for Americans to be outraged when our fellow nationals are killed abroad just as it’s usually expedient for politicians to latch onto these events and attach them to one or more of their policies. But there are certain taboos, especially for Democrats, in which the best option is to ignore anything happened at all. The infuriating story of American women and children gunned down and burned to death by a Mexican drug cartel is such a taboo.

Nearly two days after the news of the tragic murders broke, the total number of upset Tweets, official statements of condolence, or even acknowledgement that the heinous crimes occurred currently sits at zero. In fact, they aren’t even willing to attack President Trump after having his offer to assist with the problem rejected by Mexican President Obrador. To hit him on it would mean acknowledging the crimes took place, and that’s something Democrats will vehemently ignore at all costs.

The reasons for their silence are much more complicated than they appear on the surface. The obvious answer, as was mentioned in comments to Tweets noticing the absence of a response from Democrats, is that their candidates believe their Hispanic base doesn’t want to feel like they’re being condemned by politicians running for office. This is a false assumption as the vast majority of Hispanics in America are adamantly opposed to Mexican drug cartels for the same reason other Americans are. The cartels represent evil and disdain for human life. Just because the perpetrators of these hideous murders are Hispanic doesn’t mean law-abiding Hispanic-Americans support them in any way. If anything, Mexican Americans are more inclined to have strong negative emotions towards the cartels.

The biggest reason for the Democrats’ silence is because their policies regarding the border would encourage extending the cartels’ reach into the United States. Some of the policies proposed, especially frontrunner Elizabeth Warren’s, represent de facto open borders. These policies would hamper law enforcement’s ability to stop them while creating new avenues for cartels to not only smuggle drugs into America, but also establish a wider presence of their own within our borders.

Will any journalists with access to the candidates ask them their thoughts on the disturbing crimes that took the lives of nine American citizens? Will they get their stances on the drug cartels and how they plan to prevent them from having a stronger presence in America? These are questions Americans need answered and now is the time to ask them, but don’t expect mainstream media to do its job in this regard.

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