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by Ace

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The cover-up continues. Weiss will not charge Hunter Biden with a gun charge — he perpetrated a fraud on the court to deliver Hunter a get out of jail free card when he earlier had the chance to prosecute him — but he will continue pretending he’s an Eager Beaver Legal Eagle, so that the Rubes don’t suspect he’s actually working for the defense.

Special counsel David Weiss intends to seek an indictment against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, relating to gun charges by the end of the month, the Justice Department said Wednesday.Hunter Biden had previously reached a deal involving a gun possession charge that would have allowed him to avoid prosecution if he met certain conditions over a 24 month period. Once his plea deal fell apart in court the future of the gun deal has been in limbo.

“The Speedy Trial Act requires that the Government obtain the return of an indictment by a grand jury by Friday, September 29, 2023, at the earliest. The Government intends to seek the return of an indictment in this case before that date,” the special counsel’s office said in a court filing.

And of course there can be no news on the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption case without Democrat hitman Jack Smith counter-programming against Trump.

Special counsel Jack Smith continues his investigation into attempts to legally contest the 2020 election, even a month after indicting Donald Trump for allegedly orchestrating a wide-ranging “conspiracy” to win presidential re-election.A recent report from CNN suggests that Smith is extending his efforts to potentially indict Trump for raising millions of dollars following the 2020 election under the pretext of investigating widespread voter fraud. He is actively seeking information regarding the allocation of these funds for the inspection of voting machines.

It should be noted that Smith’s prosecution team is likely the source of an illegal leak to CNN.

Interrogations conducted with two recent witnesses reveal Smith’s focus on understanding how the funds, collected based on accusations of voter fraud, were utilized to support efforts to tamper with voting equipment in several states won by Joe Biden. Multiple sources familiar with the ongoing investigation reportedly told this to CNN.

You mean, they attempted to discover if these machines could be tampered with.

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