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David Koch, the billionaire industrialist who, along with his brother Charles, helped fund a vast conservative and libertarian political operation, died on Friday, according to the journalist Jane Mayer, citing family sources. CBS confirmed his death. He was 79 years old.

As two of the 10 wealthiest Americans, David and Charles Koch used their riches to help fund and advance their conservative and libertarian political beliefs. They helped found the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, the Reason Foundation, which publishes a libertarian magazine, and a series of political organizations, including Americans for Prosperity. Koch left the board of Americans for Prosperity last year, citing health reasons.

Their political activism began in the 1970s as big business began a concerted effort to reassert political power after decades of predominantly New Deal Democratic Party governance. But the Koch brothers did not fully emerge as public political figures until they helped fund and organize the opposition to President Barack Obama.

In doing so, the brothers came to be seen by political liberals and leftists as symbols of inequality and money in politics during America’s second Gilded Age.

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