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by Ace

The good news for Brandon? It’s not a very well-respected poll.
The band news for Brandon? It’s not very well-respected because it skews too far to the left.

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He’s unpopular with all ages and all education groups:


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He’s unpopular with men and women. He’s popular with Democrats, but only at 76%, which is bad for a Democrat. He’s popular with blacks, but only at 65%, which is also very very bad for a Democrat.
He squeaks by with a mere 50% support from Hispanics, and is down 42-46% in the “other” racial category, which I guess include Asians, Middle-Easterners, and American Indians.
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Going state-by-state, it’s even worse for Brandon and the Democrats, report Nick Arama of RedState:

It’s gotten worse since we last checked in on the poll. In October, they had only 10 states that were overwater approving of Biden. That was bad enough. But now it’s only five as of today, which means they went underwater and lost five states since then. The ones that are not underwater are California, Hawaii, Vermont, Maryland, and Massachusetts. That’s pretty shocking, if true, and just complete quicksand for him.California, which went big for Biden just a year ago at 64-34, now has him at just 46 approval to 43 disapproval — more or less even.

The numbers are so bad that I wonder — could this be not just a left-leaning poll but a poll stacked with AOC-type progressive respondents such that it winds up being biased against Biden?
And I think the answer is: Maybe, possibly!

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