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Jonathan Strong:

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele hit back at Republicans sniping at his record when trying to defend the campaign committee’s relatively minor financial involvement in the Cuccinelli campaign and said the D.C. GOP treated the Virginia campaign as a neglected “step child.”

“The establishment types didn’t like the Cuccinelli campaign, didn’t back the Cuccinelli campaign — for whatever their reasons were. Whether it was his hot social-conservative rhetoric from the past, whether it was the way the campaign was structured presently, I don’t know,” Steele says. ”I know I tried to raise some money for him and ran into all kinds of resistance from folks and excuses.”

“People were clearly behind the Christie effort. In a lot of respects, Cuccinelli was the step child. He was the one that people made excuses not to support . . . I think there was a conscious decision to sacrifice Virginia,” he adds.

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