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On Wednesday night, the Democrat told CBS News New York that guns don’t actually make homes safer, but instead increase the chances of a children or others killings themselves — on purpose.

“There’s a reality that 19,000 people are going to commit suicide because there’s a gun in their house,” he said. “And if there wasn’t a gun in that house and they didn’t commit suicide at that time, their chances of committing suicide at any time decreases by 90 percent.”

He also added that he hoped for increased federal legislation in the areas of background checks, straw purchasers and gun trafficking.

The Governor’s remarks came after a 30-minute conversation with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been an outspoken supporter of harsher gun legislation. The two men met to discuss Connecticut’s new gun law, which Malloy signed in early April. The new law expands the state’s assault weapons ban, implements universal background checks and bans the purchase of high-capacity magazines.

The legislation passed the Senate 26-10 and the state House of Representatives 105-44 — most likely riding the wake of emotion that followed the Sandy Hook shooting in December.

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