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Ted Nugent

Pussies on Parade are bad for America

We’ve got a lot of work to do in America to make it great again.

Job #1 is to de-pussify all of the entitled, arrogant, ignorant, spoiled pussies created during the last eight years. That won’t be easy.

These entitled little rose pedals didn’t get their way in the election so they’re now whining, crying, protesting, bitching, squawking, complaining, walking-out of school, and demanding their sniveling, spoiled pussy voices be heard instead of manning up, putting on their big boy pants, and wading into the white-water rapids of life where pussies get swept away and drowned.

Interestingly, I don’t recall any young people on the right-hand side of the political aisle throwing temper tantrums like these crying pussies after Mr. Obama won the White House in 2008 and 2012.

What kind of parents raised these whining, spoiled, entitled pussies? Did they actually raise these little pussies to believe that when something doesn’t go their way that acting like a pussy will make people feel sorry for them and to let them get their way?

In addition to parents (and I use that term lightly) our colleges coddle these spoiled pussies instead of toughening them up and getting them ready for the rough and tumble world of the highly-competitive private sector where only the smart and tough get promoted.

What parents, colleges and our culture have done to these spoiled pussies is a disservice to them and our great republic. What America needs are tough, hungry, competitive and smart young people to make it great again.

(note – changed the title for obvious reasons)

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