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Shortly before the Monday Senate voted to confirm then-Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in a 52-48 vote, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt whined about Republicans getting the nomination through without any votes from Democrats. And on ABC’s World News Tonight, anchor David Muir gaslit his viewers with a lie about how fast Barrett’s confirmation was.

Refusing to address Barrett with her rightful title of judge, Holt moaned about how the GOP-led Senate was able to confirm Barrett despite the childish antics of Democrats. “And the Senate tonight is expected to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as the next justice of the Supreme Court without any Democrats voting in her favor,” he whined.

NBC congressional correspondent Kasie Hunt touted how “every Democrat is expected to oppose her over concerns of abortion and particularly health care…” Adding: “But there’s nothing they can do to stop the nomination. And if she is confirmed as expected with only Republican votes, it will be the most partisan confirmation in Supreme Court history.”

Hunt’s claim was ridiculous hyperbole without any basis in reality. Every Supreme Court nomination from President Trump had received similar vote margins to Barrett’s. And that’s not to mention the Justice Kavanaugh fiasco.

Speaking of lying about the facts, ABC’s Monday evening coverage of Barrett’s impending confirmation was bases entirely on a massive lie.

“The Senate is now set to vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, just a short time from now. Judge Amy Coney Barrett on track to be confirmed in record time,” announced Muir. But that was nowhere near true.

Justice Barrett was confirmed in 28 days. And according to the Senate’s records, Chief Justice John Roberts was confirmed in 24 days, Justice John Paul Stevens was confirmed in 19 days, and Salmon Chase (nominated by President Lincoln) was confirmed in a day. You can’t get much faster than that.

But despite these facts, ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran just played along. “David, you’re absolutely right,” he declared. Perhaps realizing Muir’s error, Moran then tried to massage what Muir meant by “confirmed in record time.”

This is a record that the Senate will be setting tonight, because Amy Coney Barrett is certain to become Justice Barrett tonight and she will be confirmed closer to Election Day than any Supreme Court justice in American history,” he spun.

Sorry, Terry. Lose lies were not going to fly.

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