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Gaius @ Blue Crab Boulevard:

About the recycled Vladimir Putin ad the Obamites put out yesterday. Donald Sensing writes this:

Set aside, if you can, Marshall’s inherent racism that ethnic minorities are of such sexual habits or low intellect that only “whiteguys” can be offended by the ad. He does seem to understand that regardless of the ad’s “intended” audience, it’s going to be seen by a huge number of other voters, upon whom it will have an unintended effect.

And they are not all “55 and over whiteguys.” For example, Erica, commenting on The Atlantic site:

I find it hilarious that you’ve ‘randomly selected’ these supposedly only 55 + old men who are outraged. Most women I’ve seen are just as outraged, including yours truly. I find it rephrehensible [sic], but what do I know, I’m only 32 years young, oh and female.

Today, my wife and I got to ride in to work together. NPR led off a segment with part of this ad (and apparently doesn’t want to admit that, since it is not up over at the NPR website – even though stories they ran before and after are). When my wife heard the clip they broadcast of the ad, she turned to me and said that the ad made her cringe.

This did not work the way they intended it to. There are some really, really tin-eared people running the Obama ad machine.

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