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It’s not… there IS something definitively different about the COVID shots and they ARE associated with considerably more deaths

The question we need to answer is: WHY? EXACTLY.

I have written this story up way back in March 2022. You can read that article here. I wanted to even more succinctly represent this idea using a single graph that was inspired by Wayne at Nice work on this Wayne.

I am the kind of person who likes to reproduce work and see what else my own brain manifests in doing so. The one thing I love about many people working on the same thing is that everyone is unique in their approach, skill sets and presentations, and when there is consensus with regard to results, well, that’s just golden.

The graph is quite simple and is made from three sets of data originating from 1. the Health Resources Services and Administration HRSA revealing the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) compensation reports and 2. the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data revealing adverse event reports in the context of various vaccines and injectable products, and finally, 3. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID data tracker data revealing the total number of COVID shots both administered and distributed, among many other things.

The data from 1. includes vaccine distribution data for compensation petitions filed from 01/01/2006 through 12/31/2021, and more specifically and relevantly (to us), the number of doses of 32 vaccines distributed for the timeframe between January 1st, 2006 and December 31, 2021. The COVID vaccine distribution count comes from #3 and VAERS, #2, delivers the number of adverse event reports of death (deaths) from 2006-2021 per vaccine, and the number of deaths for the COVID products from 2020-2023 (there were 16 deaths reported in 2020 in association with COVID). The number of deaths per million doses distributed was simply calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number of shots distributed for a particular shot, times 1,000,000. I wish the data from the NVCIP was for doses administered as opposed to distributed, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The graph looks like the following. Screenshot it. Share it. Spread it around.

The blue bars represent the total number of doses for each vaccine/injectable product distributed for the respective timeframes (again, for vaccines: 2006-2021 – 16 years; and for COVID products – 2.5 years: 2020-2023). The red bars represent the total number of deaths per million doses distributed per shot type.

Perhaps the most striking observation one can make about this graph is the stark difference between influenza and COVID-19 with regard to deaths per million doses. Even though there were a staggering 2,231,400,000 influenza shots distributed, only 771 people were reported to have died in 16 years.

The death rate per million doses for COVID is 35.6 versus 0.3 for influenza. That’s 119 times higher.

As a point of note, we are talking about the number of shots distributed during a 16-year timeframe versus a 2.5-year timeframe (2 years, 4 months and 18 days as of May 5, 2023) for influenza versus COVID, respectively. That’s 2.8 times as many shots for COVID per year than for influenza. *I divided the number of shots distributed by the number of years in each timeframe, and then divided these two numbers – 982,117,925/2.5 years (COVID); 2,231,400,000/16 years (FLU) → (982,117,925/2.5)/(2,231,400,000/16) = 392,847,170/139,462,500 = 2.8).

Now, as I reported in my previous article, if the products held the same level of potential adverse event risk or lethality (in the case of death), then the ratio of death reports made in the contexts of COVID and influenza over a year should be 2.8:1 – skewed toward COVID – right? In other words, we should see about 2.8 times as many death reports as for influenza if they are equally lethal. We would see ~48 deaths per year in the context of influenza (since there are a total of 771 deaths reports filed between 2006 and 2021), and therefore, we would expect ~134 death reports in the context of COVID per year, if the COVID shots were not more harmful. So that means, we should have about 335 total death reports since the roll-outs started back in December 2020.

What we see here is absolutely NOT that. The graph below shows the absolute number of deaths as opposed to the number of deaths per million shots distributed. If we calculate the number of deaths per year, we get 7,004 per year (on average) for COVID and as previously calculated, 48 per year (on average) for influenza.

Therefore, instead of our 2.8 times expected number, we obtain 146 times more reports of death (COVID → N = 17,509/2.5 and influenza → N = 771/16) per year in the context of COVID when compared to influenza. Again, said in another way, if the COVID shots were NOT more harmful, then we would expect to see 335 deaths reported, not 17,509. It’s ~52 times more than what we would expect.

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