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Two professors from Fudan University stood in front of the police to stop them from arresting the students.

Two professors from Fudan University stood in front of the police to stop them from arresting the students.

by el gato malo

hey, remember that one time that this internet cat predicted that “everyone was going to change jerseys so hard that you would soon not be able to find anyone who admitted to supporting lockdowns?”

gatopal™ and personal friend jay is certainly correct in saying that “well, at least they have stopped” but i have real doubts it’s about shame.
i suspect it’s just crowd following in search of status and far from “having learned to know better” this gang will surge after then next thing just as rabidly.
they are just trying to squeak through an overton window before it slams on them
they have not learned.
they are not abashed.
they are lying to themselves even more than they lie to us precisely to prevent such things.
the cognitive dissonance is re-writing memory so they recall being heroes not villains.


and in this sense letting them off the hook is, to my mind, unwise.
there needs to be a reputational penalty for having done this.
they need to be required to own it (because they will never do so on their own)
and the china uprisings are creating a wonderfully impossible fork for team lock down the west, especially given what they did so very recently.
here’s a fun example:

now let’s see how 2020 looked!

yup, there it is. those demanding the freedom to follow 100 years of evidence based medicine and pandemic guidance and retain basic human rights and dignity should have to exclude themselves from evidence based medicine. cuz, uh, evidence!
and then the capper:

nuh uh! these pseudoscientific practices in total violation of basic human rights that were already definitively known not to work were required! we were right to follow china on this absurdist misadventure! it was different then!
but, of course, “the holler” were far from the only ones “hollering” were they?
the new york times, long a fan of anything authoritarian, was still fawning over “the chinese way” in 2021.
(make sure you read that last paragraph. it’s a good ‘un.)

lots of people were positively begging for martial law in america.

they have not all come to their senses, learned their lesson, and become reasonable.
this herd will act just as badly the next time the thunder scares it.

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