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We were shamed, castigated, called liars, conspiracy theorists, nuts, and even accomplices to murder for saying this was happening a year or two ago. The truth is slowly coming out.

We knew it was happening.

But they swore we were liars. That we were spreading misinformation and endangering public health.

People were ringing the alarm bell early. Folks knew that the general population had been hoodwinked. That media and government narratives were meant to spread fear in an effort to consolidate power. People were talking about this in July of 2020.

Yet many continued to bury their heads. They associated those who brought this up with not having a firm understanding of what was happening, of trying to get people killed, of even being disinformation bots even as public health accounts acknowledged the ongoing fraud.

The real misinformation came from tweets like these where people refused to see what was right in front of them and stuck to the prescribed narrative no matter what information they were given. They acted as little autobots that spread the official word as gospel.

This became the norm for those who spoke to what they were actually seeing. What they knew to be fact.

Twitter claimed there was so much misinformation and that they were only trying to protect the public conversation. In reality, they were destroying any conversation at all and only allowing the NPC’s who squawked the approved narrative to be heard. Thousands were kicked off.


As early as March 2020 Twitter and the powers in Washington they aligned with were crushing any dissent. They acted as if letting the truth get out would contribute to the spread of the virus. Instead, they just destroyed the free flow of information via censorship.

You should never apologize, backdown, or refrain from seeking truth. You should never let anyone get in the way of doing your own research. You should critically think. You should question things. And in doing so you will always be more informed than those who blindly consume.


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