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By Christopher Bedford

COVID-19 vaccine passports are on the march. Before long, if not already, you might need one to return to work, travel, visit your parents, attend a sports game or even a friend’s wedding. We’re well on our way already and Democrats — once the doubters of databases, IDs, and corporations — are all-in. With Republicans in Washington nearly two years from regaining any power, the battle, then, comes down to the states.
But will Republicans governors have the courage to break with the political, corporate, and global ruling class? Will they have the will to tell government agencies and private businesses they have no right to demand the citizens of their states subject themselves to an experimental vaccine?
Also, why should they block citizens from handing their private data to a corporate database in exchange for trade and travel? Do the citizens of states like South Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee even have to worry about this new regime being forced on them at all?
First, there is reason to be worried no matter where you live, because this regime is coming for us. The most powerful elites in the world are enthusiastically in favor of it, and for the past year they’ve gotten their way on pretty much every single thing they’ve demanded by attaching “COVID-19” to it. Teachers unions, election integrity, and even religious liberty have all been manipulated under this guise, no matter how little they have to do with the actual disease. So how are these forces progressing on this initiative?
IBM first launched a COVID passport on Oct. 12, just weeks after the National Institute of Health awarded them a contract to develop “an integrated solution that supports sophisticated contact tracing and verifiable health status reporting.” IBM’s tech-chic website tells visitors their product is “Designed to provide organizations with a smart way to bring people back to a physical location during COVID-19.”
In a video guide just below, a soothing female voice explains the situation corporations find themselves in, and how IBM can help:

Airlines, cruise lines, railways and hotels all feel pressure to meet ever-changing health regulations and rebuild travelers’ trust. Now, COVID-19 taskforces globally are asking, ‘What can we do to return to pre-pandemic capacity? How can we verify a traveler’s health status before they [sic] visit?’
…Introducing IBM Digital Health Pass.

By March 10, Germany had signed with the company to bring its passports to Deutschland. On March 26, New York, working with IBM, became the first to launch a state vaccine passport. “Excelsior Pass,” the press release reads, “can be used by participating New Yorkers at theaters, major stadiums and arenas, weddings receptions, catered events and other events in accordance with New York State guidelines.” A week later, South Korea partnered with a Korean company to do the same.

Airlines, which for months have promised they’re about the safest on Earth, beat them all to it. Emirates, the state airline of the United Arab Emirates, partnered with the United States’ GE to develop an immunity passport, while the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is working with Air France, Italy’s Alitalia, the UAE’s Etihad Airways, and others to implement a passport built by a start-up called Perlin.
Meanwhile, Mastercard and the ICC are partnering to see if they can make their passports work together, while Salesforce, Walmart, Cerner, Oracle, Microsoft, Epic Systems, Mayo Clinic, and the Mitre Corporation are working on a global ID of their own.
Israel has a passport already, and the European Union is just two months away from its own. But back in the United States, while Republican governors in IowaGeorgiaIdahoTennesseeNebraskaMississippiMissouriMinnesotaMassachusetts, and South Dakota have said they would not issue or require vaccine passports, they’ve stopped short of protecting citizens from being coerced by private businesses that refuse to deal with them unless they furnish proof of vaccination.
Texas went a step further, banning private businesses that accept government money from requiring passports, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte are the only two in the country to prohibit businesses from requiring customers to provide proof of vaccination in order to conduct business.
Meanwhile, the number of private companies demanding the procedure has proliferated. In states far from New York, employees are being told they must present proof of vaccination to return to the office or travel for their companies. Far from hypothetical, as many left-wing newspapers and outlets are suggesting, the problem is present among us. The battle is now.
But is that the right battle for conservatives to join? Sure, typical Republicans are fine not using government power against private companies, as most of the above Republicans have promised, but DeSantis and Gianforte went a step further, using government power to prohibit businesses from abusing their power over private citizens. So where is the line?
The line our society must draw is at protecting citizens from medical coercion in order to conduct business. Some might worry this would constitute a mandate on businesses, but it isn’t. Mandates compel action.
States and private firms that demand vaccination are the ones leveling mandates: businesses like a lobbying firm in DC that has informed a mother who intends to have more children soon that she must get a new, emergency vaccine with unknown affects on fertility and pregnancy if she would like to travel — and thereby succeed — at the company.
Mandates aren’t always wrong. Our society has mandated that citizens reach a certain age before they are eligible to drive, to marry, to vote or run for office. We made these decisions together. Our legislators passed them.
Some private firms have their own mandates and we are happy they do, such as requiring proper attire to enter. Many of us believe airlines could use some stricter mandates on attire. What we don’t have, and what we haven’t agreed to, is mandating that mothers submit to novel and deeply invasive injections in order to do business or maintain successful employment. The case for why it is possibly “conservative” to permit any firms to force such a procedure should rest on those who believe it somehow is, not on those opposed to it.

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