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by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Analysis Overview: COVID-19 Genetic Vaccine Safety in Children

“Even as experts expressed concern about a marked jump in hospitalizations — an increase more than double that among adults — doctors and researchers said they were not seeing evidence that Omicron was more threatening to children.
In fact, preliminary data suggests that compared with the Delta variant, Omicron appears to be causing milder illness in children, similar to early findings for adults.”

The risk of death associated with COVID-19 in healthy children is virtually non-existent, as children have significant immunologic advantages relative to the older adult population (> 65 years) which comprises the high risk cohort for COVID-19 (see Omicron has Cracked Open the Overton Window , “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it” , and COVID-19 Today).



The risk of death and disease in children has become even more rare with Omicron. Yet even prior to the advent of Omicron, a peer reviewed study clearly demonstrated (using safety data accumulated during past variant circulation) that the genetic COVID-19 vaccines carry a risk/benefit ratio of five deaths in the older, high risk cohort for every one life saved from COVID-19 (and those data did not account for the reporting bias inherent in US deaths due to COVID consequent to inappropriate use of PCR tests). See “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” (Toxicology Reports, Volume 8, 2021, Pages 1665-1684 ).

“Thus, our extremely conservative estimate for risk-benefit ratio is about 5/1. In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! This demographic is the most vulnerable to adverse effects from COVID-19. As the age demographics go below about 35 years old, the chances of death from COVID-19 become very small, and when they go below 18, become negligible.”

The new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, has exploded onto the scene.  What was already an inverted risk benefit ratio for genetic vaccination in children and adults (greater risk of death from vaccine than from COVID-19) will become even more inverted since the risks of COVID-19 are further reduced with Omicron. The Omicron variant is different in five essential ways:

  • More infectious and will soon be the dominant variant in the USA
  • Less pathogenic
  • Poorly matched to currently available vaccines
  • Natural immunity is providing good protection against Omicron
  • Disease symptoms are more similar to the common cold

The issue of COVID-19 gene therapy technology -based vaccine mandates for children is a pressing issue confronting parents, grandparents, and public health officials throughout the world.  Unfortunately, the topic has become highly politicized, and active censorship by legacy media outlets has made it difficult for parents and stakeholders to obtain access to the actual data required for the full informed consent prior to acceptance of a medical procedure required by law (see for example members of the Trusted News Initiative including Thompson-Reuters).



Presented on the linked website is a large collection of information and data from both primary sources and analyses which will allow parents, grandparents, and other stakeholders to make their own determination concerning the risks and benefits of the genetic COVID-19 vaccines for their children.

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