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North Korea state-run news agency is reporting on a letter from U.S. President Trump to North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-Un.    In an interesting aspect to the media report, KCNA releases a picture of Chairman Kim reading the letter.

On the hostage dynamic…. last week the hostage taker (Chairman Xi), finally positioned the public optics of Chairman Kim as the hostage; and indicated a likelihood Beijing would negotiate terms for release (better trade deal) with President Trump.  Therefore the rescuer (Trump) now communicates with the hostage (Kim) against an entirely different geopolitical background.

Additionally, both President Trump and Chairman Kim know the picture will be analyzed by high-tech software (Beijing, China and Russia) and the content is easily discoverable.   The message itself, as well as the answer to the message (from Kim), is likely in the picture.  [Note: the White Shirt, business office, is part of the reply].

(Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received a personal letter from U.S. President Donald Trump and will put serious thought into its content, North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA said.

In a report published early on Sunday in Asia, KCNA did not give details on the letter, but said Kim described it as “of excellent content.”

“Kim Jong Un said that he would seriously contemplate the interesting content,” the report said.

White House officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

[…] Trump is due to visit South Korea next week for meetings with South Korean President Moon Jae-in after taking part in the G20 meetings in Japan.  (read more)

President Trump no longer has to worry about missiles from the military within North Korea that is controlled by Beijing.   Kim no longer needs to worry about missiles being fired from his regime. Chairman Xi has taken ownership of all hostile military action from inside the DPRK.

Remember, generally speaking President trump held two connected objectives: (1) removing the threat posed by North Korea by severing the ability of Beijing to use the proxy province as a weapon (Kim hostage); and (2) deconstructing the growing economic influence of China.

President Trump now moves to phase two of the plan.

Chairman Xi Jinping (China) and President Moon Jae-in are scheduled for a G20 meeting.  This is the magnanimous panda meeting that was set up first by Beijing.  Xi will play the role of magnanimous panda in denuclearizing the DPRK and using Moon Jae-in as the panda optic of peace with Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Chairman Xi will  then meet with President Trump for ‘expanded’ talks at the G20.  This meeting was set up after the magnanimous panda play was scheduled.  Here, Chairman Xi will offer President Trump peace and a denuclearized DPRK (essentially Beijing taking their missile technology back) in exchange for trade concessions.

President Trump is scheduled to travel to South Korea for a meeting with Moon Jae-in after the G20 (that’s new today).

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