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by Ace

Earlier today Trump mentioned Stacy Abrams being near the top of Sundown’s list. He might have gotten it from this Article III Project report.

Sundown Joe is actually refusing to release his list of Supreme Court picks, surely because they’re all radicals and all suspiciously Diverse.

This list is assembled from the names put forward by professional Democrats, leftwing 501(c)(3) organizations, and media reports about who Sundown is considering.

Sundown Joe hasn’t released the names on this list — he refuses to name any names — but the Article III Project isn’t just making this stuff up. All of these names have been put forward by members of the Inner Party.

The entries are amusingly written. I recommend giving it a twice-over.

Meanwhile, a group of hardcore Democrat activists pretending to be a nonpartisan professional society says that we must not allow a Supreme Court nomination so close to an election:

Would you be terribly shocked to learn that this rabidly partisan political front group masquerading as a nonpartisan professional organization said the exact opposite when Obama was trying to fill Scalia’s seat in in 2016?

Would you be stunned to hear that brain-damaged madwoman and habitual drunkard Hillary Clinton demanded a Supreme Court justice been appointed in the election year of 2016?

If you watched Fox News on Friday, you heard several hundred tributes to the “great American” and “trailblazer” Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Would it surprise you to learn that the leftist outlets feel no such corresponding obligation to praise their enemies upon their deaths?

Would you say that if one group can command courtesies and tributes from another group, but that second group cannot reciprocally demand courtesies and tributes, what we have on our hands is a Caste system of Lords and Commoners?

Would you say you are sick and tired of our alleged representatives reifying and confirming this Jim Crow system by continuing to offer praise to the left when the left is quite open about wanting to formally enslave us?

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