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In December CTH outlined the likely sequence of events that professional democrats will follow.  Michael Cohen and Robert Mueller provide the first parts of the foundation.  A week ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi published rules confirming the general outline and sequencing.  Yesterday the DOJ confirmed the timing for Robert Mueller.

Today House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings confirms the timing of Michael Cohen.  Public testimony for Michael Cohen is scheduled for February 7th:

Washington, D.C. (Jan. 10, 2019)—Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, announced the schedule for Committee hearings in January and February and issued the following statement:

“I thank Michael Cohen for agreeing to testify before the Oversight Committee voluntarily.  I want to make clear that we have no interest in inappropriately interfering with any ongoing criminal investigations, and to that end, we are in the process of consulting with Special Counsel Mueller’s office.  The Committee will announce additional information in the coming weeks.”  (link)

Again, there is very little doubt the approach has already been mapped out in post-election meetings between: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat committee heads, allies in the lawfare community, political allies inside the executive branch (IC, DOJ, FBI etc.), along with feedback from political networks, DNC (Perez) and major resistance donors.  All the evidence to support this strategy was outlined in Speaker Pelosi’s Rules.

This was worked out months ago.  Michael Cohen’s deferred prison sentence is part of this planning and coordination.  Yes, the current DOJ helped coordinate and plan. It is virtually guaranteed the DOJ (SDNY) and Robert Mueller team members met with select emissaries of congressional democrats, Lawfare and media.  Together they had this outline drawn up immediately following the mid-term election.

So far things are proceeding exactly as CTH would expect.  The scheduled testimony for Cohen is the Thursday after the Superbowl (exactly as predicted).

[…]  House Oversight Committee (Cummings) and House Judiciary Committee (Nadler) will likely kick the resistance operation into action (after Superbowl) with Michael Cohen’s scheduled appearances broadcast on television for the better part of two weeks use. [*note, now confirmed]

That first phase event will likely be followed by a late Feb/early March dropping of the Mueller report. [*note, now confirmed] There will be a grand lead-in, roll-out and press spectacle designed for maximum exposure.  The tail end of that phase will lead to more hearings throughout March perhaps into early April with subpoenas based on the report framework.

Again, remember these are Democrats.  This stuff is already planned out in the broad strokes.  The upcoming congressional calendar has all of these events considered. Pelosi and Schumer have told their key underlings of preliminary vacation blackout dates etc.  Nothing professional democrats do is without specific intent, purposeful design and well communicated organization.  This is what they do. This is all they do.

While these events are happening the HPSCI will be demanding discovery from the White House and intelligence apparatus that will be spurred by Cohen and Mueller.  The DOJ and FBI will find a new interest in congressional compliance especially given the House General Counsel, Douglas Letter, is one of their allied Resistance members.

It’s important to note when we use the term “Mueller” in these contexts, CTH is discussing the special counsel team and not the individual.   Also when we approach the term “impeachment” we are not discussing it as the technical and legal approach for removal of a President; but rather the political use of the process to damage President Donald Trump.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process; but rather weaponizing the process -as a tool itself- to target the executive office.

From Pelosi’s rules, we now know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th.  The next likely witness to be subpoenaed, and to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

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