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There is growing acceptance that federal officials feel they are above the law; two sets of legal principles that apply; one exclusive set for them, and another set for everyone else.

Though it might seem rather stunning for any federal official to make such an admission in public, that’s exactly what happened today. Lawyers representing former FBI Director James Comey made exactly that argument. Recognizing Mr. Comey had no legal basis to avoid a congressional subpoena, Comey’s lawyers actually said:

“Here’s your opportunity, judge, to make some law.” (link)

Former FBI chief James Comey is trying to avoid being deposed by a joint committee in congress for his conduct in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 DOJ/FBI operations against candidate Donald Trump. Today congressional lawyers responded to Comey’s lawsuit attempting to avoid questioning (full pdf below).

The statement from lawyers representing James Comey was made during a hearing in front of federal Judge Trevor McFadden.  They are asking the judge to create laws from the bench.

Think about this.

These are lawyers for the former United States FBI Director asking a federal judge to ignore all current law and create law, a special law, specifically to the benefit of their client.

Now, accepting that James Comey is asking a federal judge to ignore the law, ask yourself what James Comey was likely doing as the FBI Director.

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