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by John Waters

What is happening in the American election is not, first and foremost, an investigation of voter fraud.  That is merely the token offence.  The true, deeper offence is much more serious. The defendant in the dock is not really the Democratic Party, but the hoaxers of the Fake News Media, who are now finally to be led into the dock. What is happening is an investigation of journalying, now the flipped function of the fakers pretending to be truth-tellers still. The defendants are people who for several decades now have been passing themselves off as journalists, as custodians of the Fourth Estate, when in fact they have been undercover activists seeking to undermine democracy, constitutionalism and civilisation.

A trap has been sprung. It was sprung not by Donald Trump, or the Republican Party, or conservatism, or the ‘far right’, or Stephen K. Bannon, or Rudy Giuliani, or the Deplorables, but by the universe, by Karma, by Fate, Providence, God — by whatever words you choose to understand the way reality finally springs back to bite the wrongdoer, restoring the Natural Law which enforces the harmony of reality without which nothingness would prevail.

They walked right into it. Not alone did they try to steal the election by withholding facts and information from the public but they had become so barefaced about doing it by then that they forgot to clean their dabs before leaving he scene. They had long since lost the run of themselves.  The condition — Trump Derangement Syndrome — had metastasized in 2020 when they became certain that they had their man but had him not. It was not that they had become negligent about safeguarding democracy, or were merely peevishly going through the motions of reporting, or were disconsolately engaging in wishful thinking while still doing their jobs with ill grace.

They had gone completely rogue.  You could see it in those White House coronavirus briefings back in that noxious spring of this toxic year, when they launched nightly into the president like a swarm of precociously pubescent Jedward fans who had turned in the wrong departure lounge to find themselves face-to-face instead with Van the Mighty Man. They knew nothing of this being, this very stable genius, or what he signified, and they cared less. Here they were, at the centre of the greatest mythological event in close to a century of world politics and they were too apoplectic, too apocalyptic, to see it. They had lost their minds. They were out of their tinys. They no longer had the brains they were born with.

Having given oxygen to every lie about the President for three solid years, they had been shown — and seen — to be wrong about everything. No Russian conspiracy, no Ukrainian consolation, no dice, no goods, no scoop, no story. With one mighty bound, our hero was free.

Covid was their last chance: the more victims might be gathered into the nets of the pseudo-scientists, the better their chances of taking out the President. They absurdly put American at the top of the global fatality charts, measuring in absolute numbers rather than per capita  — to make it look like Trump was killing people. They soft-focussed the truth that most of the deaths seemed to be occurring in Democrat-run states. They more or less buried the orders issued in March by Democrat governors that people be admitted from nursing homes from hospitals without testing. They ignored the blatant evidence of falsified fatalities happening pretty much everywhere. They helped to engineer a massive worldwide panic, which caused elderly people to be placed under unspeakable psychological stress, which hastened their deaths in a manner strangely in harmony with the homicidal agenda intent on body-snatching. But Trump fought back and played them at their own game: if, as they claimed, 2.2 million lives were under threat, then he would save two million of those. When it happened, they didn’t report it like that, but we had long since passed the point when anyone was taking seriously what journalists reported.

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