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Warner Todd Huston @ Publius Forum:

Perhaps in an attempt to prove she isn’t a left-winger after all, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has found an Obama talking point that she feels quite comfortable slamming. O’Brien finds the spin that Vice President Biden didn’t mean anything by his “put ya’all back in chains” comment is a bit hard to swallow.

On the August 16 broadcast of her Starting Point morning show, O’Brien took the opportunity of an interview with Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO) to press the Democrats on their off handed dismissal of Biden’s remarks and it didn’t seem as if Cleaver was prepared for such nay saying of his blather.

After being caught using a left-wing blog to program her talking points on her CNN show, Soledad O’Brien recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she is neither left nor right, but is just right down the middle. Perhaps she feels she has something to prove, but, regardless, she is right to be suspicious of the Democrat’s untenable support of our gaffe-prone Vice President.

For his part, Rep. Cleaver claimed that Biden’s allusions to black chattel slavery and his lapsing into black dialect in the doing was no big deal. Cleaver thought that focusing on Biden’s “chains” comment was just engaging in an attempt to “create an atmosphere of more and more discord.” In fact, he said he would never have paid any attention to it at all but for the media pushing the story.

Cleaver went on to say that it was insulting to assume that throwing out the word “chains” might “attract dumb African-Americans who if they hear the word ‘chains’ are going to automatically vote for him and President Obama.”

Cleaver also said that Biden’s comments had “no impact” on him as a black man.

O’Brien, however, was having none of it.

She first told Cleaver that he was ridiculously “extrapolating” with his “dumb African-Americans” characterization. This was an astute observation because no one has made such an accusation at all. This is just spin from Cleaver. But that wasn’t all she had to say.

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