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Some electoral interference is of the Two Legs Good variety.

Not one word in print.

Not one second of television coverage.

I’m sure Jake Tapper’s Cuck Club will praise him when he eventually is shamed into putting out a single tweet about it, though.

I guess for the Twitter Obsessives who spend do all of their socializing on Twitter, and who spend all of their free time on Twitter, Twitter Is Real and therefore one tweet counts as “coverage.”

A left-wing billionaire gave $100,000 towards an online misinformation campaign that mimicked Russian interference operations — but if you only get your news from CNN, then you have no idea that happened.Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman, an early investor in Facebook, was behind a six-figure misinformation campaign that involved falsely linking Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore to Russian influence operations during Alabama’s December 2017 special election.

Hoffman funded Democratic operatives who staged a “false flag” — in their own words — meant to falsely link Moore’s campaign to Russian bots in order to boost Democratic candidate Doug Jones’ Senate campaign.

But CNN’s readers and viewers have been kept in the dark about the domestic misinformation campaign.

Since news broke of the “false flag” operation on Dec. 19, CNN has yet to devote a single story — or even a single second on television –informing its readers of the Democratic misinformation operation, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation search on the cable news aggregation website Grabien.

CNN vice president Barbara Levin did not return a request for comment on her network’s absent coverage on the story.

Read the Daily Caller for more. Hoffman apologized for his role in funding the #AssaultOnOurDemocracy only after FaceBook suspended the operatives who helped carry the scheme out.

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