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Peaceful, huh? One wonders about what one might do to CNN personnel and still be said to be “peaceful.”

Although… I don’t think the special dispensation for Leftwing Thugs and Terrorists would be granted us.

By the way, Oliver Darcy is literally a retard.

Regarding Raz the Exorter, Warlord of Chazistan:

Apparently he’s being “cancelled,” due to a prior history of “homophobic” tweets.

Wait, wait, wait: a black gangster and wannabe rapper who casually puts down f*gs? Well now I’ve heard everything.

Here’s the thing, though: Cancellation only works on social media and with pussies.

I don’t know if they’ll be able to “cancel” a guy who’s going around beating the shit out of people and threatening to kill them.

So within 48 hours, the Utopia of Razistan has managed to recreate:

1, a violent “police force” that beats the shit out of people just for disrespecting their claimed authority

2, a xenophobic border control policy

3, rule by warlord/the powerful

and 4, Heteronormativity and Toxic Masculinity.

I say: Let this place keep going. They’re trending hard in my direction. Shiiiiit, in two months I might apply to immigrate there.

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