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Note that Hillary Clinton did not cancel her own political appearance today. In fact, in the very statement in which she said something about us needing to come together peacefully (directly contradicting her “no civility” statement from two weeks ago), she immediately added, “And that means electing people who will do the right thing,” or words to that effect.

But Trump has to stop campaigning. Not any Democrats. Just the most important player on the field for Republicans 12 days out from an election.

Coincidentally enough!!!

And CNN’s Jeff Zucker can’t wait to say, once again, that it’s off-limits to criticize CNN Because Reasons:

A politically-poisoned Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter shot up seven Republican congressmen. CNN did not caution against overheated political rhetoric then, and certainly did not attempt to cool its own People Will Die rhetoric.

And, in fact, they removed that huge story from the front page within three days.

Think they’ll be burying this story in three days?

This is a very cynical and anti-american corporate messaging operation, and a disgusting bit of demagoguery.

CNN has been making the claim that you can’t criticize CNN every single opportunity it has received — or contrived.

When a man who had been stalking and harassing the Capitol Gazette for seven years over a defamation lawsuit entered their offices and shot people, CNN declared this was all because of Trump’s attacks on the media (meaning, CNN), and Trump must stop criticizing CNN as fake news or else People Will Die.

When a Saudi national, hooked up with the Muslim Brotherhood, was murdered by Saudi secret police, CNN declared that the Saudis must have felt they had a license to kill reporters, granted to them by Trump, because Trump had criticized CNN as Fake News and thus declared “open season” on reporters.

Therefore, CNN declared, Trump must no longer criticize CNN as Fake News. Or else — People Will Die.

Now, once again, CNN is ginning up its corporate advertising/political agitation division to once again declare CNN the hero of the #Resistance which cannot be criticized by Trump as #FakeNews because, get this, if Trump criticizes them, People Will Die.

I’m detecting a pattern here.

Whatever happens, CNN seems to seize upon, pounce upon this new event as proof positive that it is simply too dangerous to ever criticize CNN as partisan FakeNews.

CNN never pauses to wonder whether its constant claim that Trump will indirectly (but probably intentionally) kill people with his Murder Words could possibly have some kind of inciting effect on the minds of the emotionally unbalanced.

No, it’s only Trump’s less dramatic criticism — that CNN is Fake News — that could possibly spur an almost-killer into being an actual killer.

CNN’s constant People Will Die if Trump Calls Us Fake News has No Effect on the minds of the psychically unstable, they seem to be saying.

Well, I guess that’s either because All Liberals Are Angels — and they couldn’t possibly mean that, because they always tell me they don’t pick a side in political battles — or because virtually no one watches CNN.

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