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Despite being constant critics of the president, CNN will throw themselves a pity party when they are the ones taking the heat from the White House. That was evident Monday evening into Tuesday morning as just about every CNN host and correspondent raged at President Trump for playing a video during Monday’s coronavirus task force briefing that called out some in the media for downplaying COVID-19.

CNNers were so upset at the White House pushing back on their narrative that Trump cost American lives by not acting soon enough, that the network cut out of the briefing early to complain.

On Erin Burnett OutFront, Brian Stelter and John King were outraged by the “anti-media video.” Inside Politics host John King asserted, “At times, It bordered on dangerous,” adding “The President began with a propaganda video. He played it in the room, that cherry-picked moments. This was a Trump-is-awesome video, at taxpayer expense.” Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter also lamented the “disgraceful” “anti-media propaganda video.” “Tax-payer funded propaganda” would be a common theme emerging throughout the night on the network.

Stelter also laughably took issue with Trump focusing on “the past”, seemingly not understanding that this video was a response to the media constantly harping about how Trump allegedly didn’t do enough in the past to respond to the virus.

Later in the evening, hosts Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon couldn’t stop ranting at Trump’s “propaganda.” Not to be outdone, White House correspondent Jim Acosta amazingly deflected blame from his network shilling for China by saying that the White House video was Chinese propaganda paid by “your tax dollars”:

One thing we should point out about that video, which looked straight out of Beijing or Pyongyang, I mean there were White House officials working on that video this afternoon. That video, campaign-style video, propaganda video or whatever you want to call it, was paid for by your tax dollars….

The complaining continued into Tuesday morning with New Day hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota.

If you can believe it, there were even more instances of CNN complaining that aren’t featured in this video. Watch the montage above to see the meltdown unfold.

Watch the meltdown here

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