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Having received word Tuesday afternoon that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) would be Joe Biden’s running mate, CNN was smitten and thus Zuckerville citizens had their marching orders. In the moments after the announcement, she was hailed as a “fighter,” “historic” figure making for a “remarkable moment” that will help “expand” America’s “imagination” “about who can lead.”

Chief political correspondent Dana Bash applauded Biden for the pick, boasting that him choosing Harris despite her attacks on him in the first debate “show[ed] what kind of a — a person he is and a leader that he is that he can put that behind him.”

The Lead fill-in host Pamela Brown emphasized it was “a significant choice” in choosing one of “the best known black woman [sic] in politics,” which teed up far-left political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson to give her own endorsement of the ticket.

Henderson connected Harris to Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 presidential bid because Chisholm wanted to, in Henderson’s words, “really expand the imagination and expand America’s imagination about who could be a president, who could lead and so now we have Kamala Harris almost 50 years after Shirley Chisholm ascending to this nomination.”

Henderson then implored viewers to think about how much “hard work” any black woman has had to do in order to ascend to public office, swooning over her “enormous amount of hard work and focus and grit she has done over this last many decades in her career to get to this point.”

She continued by trumpeted the “historic day” challenging America to dream and envision someone who’s “a fighter” creating “viral moments” (against conservatives) as vice president:

And so, yes, this is an historic day. I imagine women around the country, particularly women who are upset about what happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton not winning that campaign, it’s a day that I think a lot of women are looking — you know, looked forward to for a long time. We’ll obviously see what happens in November, but, again, I think this will expand people’s ideas about who can lead, right? I mean, if you think about black women in leadership, not many black women in leadership even in your own kind of lives in offices, it is very rare that black women accede to positions of power. We should not take this moment for granted. We should not think of it as inevitable because it was a long time com with a lot of fighting by black women in particular and women just in general and I think if you think about Kamala Harris, she herself a fighter, right? Joe Biden certainly didn’t like what she did in that debate. But it proved that she was a fighter. If you think about the viral moments she’s had with people like Jeff Sessions, people like Gina Haspel, it was about being a fighter and being aggressive and I think if you’re Joe Biden, that’s one of the qualities you want to see in a partner.

A child of Democratic politics herself (and thus invested in its future), Brown concurred about what “a remarkable moment” this day has already been with the choice of someone who’s had a “really remarkable rise.”

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