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Biden? Lying?
My world is spinning and reality doesn’t seem real any longer! My hands feel like rubber and taste has vanished from food!

According to a new report from CNN, of all places, Biden wasn’t originally willing to consent to have the Justice Department search his home and only agreed to it after Justice Department indicated it would seek a warrant if necessary.”Biden’s team stresses that it was cooperative in the lead-up to Friday’s search and even expressed an eagerness for the search to happen as expeditiously as possible to move the investigation along — and to try to put the matter behind them,” CNN reports. “For its part, the Justice Department had decided it would conduct the latest search — and any subsequent searches — after Biden’s team handled earlier searches themselves. Federal investigators also were prepared to seek a warrant if they did not get consent to search the Wilmington property, according to multiple sources.”

Matt Margolis points out that the media keeps claiming Biden is “fully cooperative” as a way to distinguish his documents from Trump’s — but that’s a lie. Biden was only willing to grant the FBI access to his home when he realized the other possibility was a headline-grabbing adversarial search following a court-issued warrant.
CNN claims that Biden was never threatened with a warrant:

The Justice Department, however, never raised the possibility of a warrant during the recent discussions, according to a law enforcement source, even though the possibility loomed if Biden’s team didn’t cooperate.

Sure. I’m absolutely sure that Merrick Garland and the other Biden Praetors in the FBI had no way of alerting Biden’s lawyers through back-channels that a warrant was being considered.
Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it. (I don’t know what that means but they say it in this situation.)

>>>6 Could someone tell me what a SCIF is?It’s like “Secure Compartmentalized Intelligence Facility.” It’s a secure room with no internet or telephony in or out where you can read classified documents. You can’t take them out of the room; you can only read them in the SCIF. I don’t think you’re even allowed to take notes on them, because those notes would immediately become classified themselves.

Oh, and “compartmentalized” means that there is a limited list of people who are cleared to read it. Non-compartmentalized classified info can be read by anyone with the right level of classification — if you’re Top Secret cleared, you can read any non-compartmentalized TS document.
But compartmentalized info is restricted to a certain group of people who “need to know.” Only people doing drug interdictions in the Caribbean would need to see satellite pictures of drug running boats, for example, so only certain people in the DEA and Coast Guard would be “read into” the list of people cleared to see that information. Even if you had a TS clearance, you couldn’t see it, as you’re not read into the list.

You can have comms in a SCIF, but they will be government phones, not personal cell phones or the like. There are classified phone lines as well as unclassified.
Posted by: Colorado Alex in Exile

Cellphones with cameras? Upon which you can take notes?
Well that seems like a big hole in security but I guess these people will not be without their cellphones.
Meanwhile, the National Archives says it’s considering — just considering — asking all former presidents and vice presidents to search their homes and offices for classified documents they shouldn’t have.
But only considering it!
And note they’re not considering asking congressmen to conduct searches, nor are they considering asking high-ranking intelligence, FBI, and DOJ officials to search their papers for classified documents, even though we know that these people routinely ignore the law and take classified documents out of the SCIF with them. Joe Biden has been clinging to classified documents he’s had since his days as a senator, and we all know about former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.
But of course the National Archives merely wants to be seen as being determined to get hold of all missing classified documents, so their frame-up of Trump looks on-the-level.
But they don’t actually want to find all these many, many missing documents.

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