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Because there aren’t already enough liberals in the media . . .

Tucker Carlson and Rep. Ilhan Omar got into a dust-up yesterday, and CNN analyst Errol Louis took advantage to make a pitch for training more liberal journalists and using them to “do away” with conservative media. On his Fox News show om Tuesday night, Carlson said that Omar “hates this country more than ever,” and that Omar “is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country.”

Omar tweeted a response, calling Tucker a “racist fool,” taunting that “they will just have to get used to calling me Congresswoman!”

Co-host John Berman, after claiming that “many” found Carlson’s comments on Omar to have been “flat-out racist,” invited CNN analyst Errol Louis to comment. Louis proceeded to call for a new cadre of young liberal journalists to be trained, with the express being to “do away” with that “racist garbage” like Carlson’s show. Here was Louis:

“We need to train young people, get them into the media, get them into broadcasting, and do away with that stuff [the “racist garbage” of Tucker and “talk radio”], so it will just be a bad memory.”

So Louis wants to “train” [translation: indoctrinate] young people, and get them into “the media” and “broadcasting.” And as is typical of the left, which brooks no dissent and has no interest in diversity of thought, the goal is not to engage with people on the right. No, the objective is to “do away” with the conservative media.

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