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As predictable as the sunrise.  Club engineers now maneuver Michael Bloomberg into third place.  Notice how Morning Consult positions the graphic with Bloomberg leaping over Warren.  Now we enter the phase were national media will discover a new found love for the former New York City mayor… a considerable shift in the corporate narrative.

Morning Consult publishes their poll of 15,000 democrats:


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg picked up another 2 points among Democratic primary voters across the country, pulling even with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at 14 percent first-choice support.

The latest survey testing hypothetical matchups between the top Democratic candidates and President Trump also brings good news for the billionaire businessman: Bloomberg leads the Republican incumbent by 7 points, the largest margin Morning Consult has measured among any candidate since it began releasing head-to-head results in early January (more)

Nothing is organic.  Everything is controlled and scripted.  Joe Biden, usefulness exhausted, is positioned to collapse.  The Biden support will be given two options to coalesce by the influence of the national corporate media: Bloomberg or Bernie?

Bernie Sanders becomes the grassroots Rodney Dangerfield of the DNC Club.  The key influence agents; the professional donor class within the Club, will unite with MSM to promote Bloomberg.  And so it will go…

As the battle between Grassroots (Bernie) and Astroturf (Bloomberg) plays out, a  pre-existing concern remains….

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