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Hillary Clinton’s sudden reversal on whether or not she would apologize for using a private email server while Secretary of State seemed inexplicable; on Friday she refused to apologize in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, but by Tuesday was apologizing to ABC’s David Muir.

But The New York Times reported Wednesday on the impetus for the change; Clinton watched a video of a focus group that reacted negatively to her email rhetoric.

“Last week, Mrs. Clinton’s aides showed a video of that news conference to a New Hampshire focus group of independents and Democrats, according to a Democrat briefed on the focus group whose account was confirmed by a person in her campaign,” reports the Times’ Maggie Haberman. “Participants said they wanted to hear more from Mrs. Clinton about the issue.”

The focus group also complained that “the email issue was drowning out nearly everything else that Mrs. Clinton was hoping to communicate to voters.”

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Phony. Contrived. Just like everything else about Hillary

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