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With the promotion of a non-issue for the climate, also brings a non-issue for energies. Beyond claims that CO2 emissions from carbon based fuels will cause untold devastation, it is still being presented, that the planet will peak for oil production in a decade or two – that half of the world’s oil resources will be used, and the resources available will be declining. That was a prediction made in the early 1960’s based on knowledge and technologies of that time. This misconception is still being presented today. Before we look at that topic, renewable energies will be first discussed.

Two of the big renewable energies being promoted are wind turbine electricity, and solar electric panels. Conventional electricity production is about $0.03 per KWH; Wind electric is $0.09 or more per KWH; and solar electric is $0.61 or more per KWH, not including transmission costs. Above and beyond production costs, the grid still relies on conventional generation of electricity when wind and solar electricity are utilized. Why would we want to add additional systems that are 3 to 20+ times the cost of conventional generation? It becomes a running joke – What’s The Difference Between NASCAR And Renewable Energies? In NASCAR, to earn 1 million dollars, you must spend three million dollars. With renewable energies, to save a million dollars, you must spend at least three million dollars.

Whether it is NASCAR or renewable energies investment, it is for bragging rights, though NASCAR does have a beneficial side – new technologies are created from the high stress testing conditions of motor sport. Even if some new knowledge is gained from renewable technologies uses, the knowledge can be gained from other sources that are more cost effective.

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