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During his CIA interrogations, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told his interrogators that following the 9/11 attacks he knew we would be on the lookout for Arab men. So he recruited a cell of Southeast Asian terrorists from a group called Jemmah Islamiyah to carry out the “second wave” attack to crash a hijacked airliner into a building in Los Angeles. KSM later acknowledged before a military commission at Guantanamo Bay that the target was the Liberty Tower, the tallest building on the West Coast.


This weekend on CNN, Senator Jeff Sessions said that Trump’s travel ban could include countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen among others.

Good to know. If we ban immigration from those and other countries, ISIS will simply recruit operatives from countries we have not banned. According to a September 2015 report from the New York Times:

American intelligence analysts have been preparing a confidential assessment that concludes that nearly 30,000 foreign fighters have traveled to Iraq and Syria from more than 100 countries since 2011.  A year ago, the same officials estimated that flow to be about 15,000 combatants from 80 countries, mostly to join the Islamic State.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has this interactive map that shows the foreign fighter flow from different countries around the world:


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