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By Sister Toldjah

Among the biggest clues that are given during an election year that signal it’s going to be bad for Democrats are the epic amounts of full-blown gaslighting done by reporters, as well as the frenzied angst and sheer panic on display in the mainstream media the closer it gets to Election Day.
One recent example of this was in how CBS News did yeoman’s work in propping up President Biden after his Tuesday State of the Union address. They framed a poll they took on voter views of the speech to suggest a broad cross-section of voters “approved of what they heard” with many allegedly saying that “it made them feel optimistic and proud.”
It wasn’t until you dug deeper into the poll that you discovered that nearly 50% of those polled were Democrats.
Not surprisingly, on the same day Biden was preparing to give the address, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd was doing his own propping up of Biden, launching into a mini-meltdown over how Republican messaging on the economy is resonating with working-class voters.
Except Todd, a Democrat apologist among Democrat apologists, didn’t frame it that way. In his view, the American people were being hoodwinked by the “right-wing echo chamber” despite the economy in Todd’s view booming with “high-paying jobs” aplenty and with workers having money to burn but unable to find things to spend it on:
“I mean, 51% believe the economy is in a recession or depression. I mean, look, it’s just not true,” Todd whined as he ranted to former Obama comms director Jennifer Palmieri, who was in agreement with him throughout the segment.
Calling the economy “frustrating,” Todd went on to suggest that the economy, “with COVID, has been ‘I’ve got money and I can’t find something.’ But my God, there’s jobs. There’s good jobs. Is this a – the right-wing echo chamber is better than the Democratic echo chamber?”
Minutes later, Todd told the panel that the issue of voter frustration with the economy rattled him so much that he thought the best approach to convince them they didn’t have it so bad would be to advise them to “go live in another country” and then they’d supposedly understand “we have it pretty good here.”

Watch Todd do his very best water carrier impression for Joe Biden below:

To reiterate my earlier point, this is how you know Democrats are in trouble – when media figures like Chuck Todd are fretting about “messaging,” something he’s done often over the last few months as Biden’s poll numbers have continued to plummet, and when they’re making suggestions for how Democrats can turn it around (with the media’s help, of course).
As I’ve said before, the things that matter most to voters come election time are kitchen table issues, and no matter how swimmingly Todd thinks the economy is coming along, if voters can barely afford to put food on the table and gas in their vehicles, they are going to punish president’s party for it. It’s just that simple, something that even Vice President Harris seems to understand.
The problem for Biden here is that he’s striking out with voters on more than just the economy.

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