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The proposed reforms have union members seething in fury, but no state has been immune to budget difficulties. By taking on union contracts as a way to balance the budget, governors like Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Bill Haslam are following in the footsteps of Chris Christie.

So did Christie start a trend?

“I think Christie is certainly helping,” Seton Motley, founder and president of Less Government, told The Daily Caller.

“But Walker would have done this even if Christie hadn’t,” Motley added. “Same with Kasich.”

Motley also pointed out that Christie emerged as a natural leader because of the oddness of New Jersey’s 2009 election date.

“But it certainly helps that Christie is out there,” he said. “Everyone has their own style. I don’t see Walker being as vocally pyrotechnic as Christie, but that’s fine.”

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