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What Media bias?

According to TV critic David Zurawik, MSNBC’s hiring of ex-Obama officials David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs makes the so-callend news network almost “a bona fide organ of state propaganda.”

Hours after this was published Monday, Hardball‘s Chris Matthews offered his services to Hillary Clinton – along with those of MSNBC contributors Howard Fineman and Joan Walsh – in order to get her elected president in 2016 (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

At the end of a lengthy discussion about Clinton’s chances in 2016 – never mind that Election Day is 44 months away! – Walsh said, “I think if she runs again, she really can’t run as that front-runner. It cannot be that inevitability campaign that she ran in 2007, and she knows that. She’s got to be about the future.”

Matthews replied, “If you’re watching, Madam Secretary, all three of us have brilliant ideas. All of us have great ideas. And I especially put myself in that group with Joan and David. We know how to do this, we’ll get you in there.”

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