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One month ago, Chris Hayes accused Trump of “personally pressuring” health officials to “manipulate the numbers downwards.” See below.

Positions change 180 degrees in the indecent space of a few days, but one position remains constant, eternally: OrAnGE mAN BaD.

Hayes was immediately criticized by many members of the media for floating what appeared to be a conspiracy theory.
“I said I can’t bring myself to accept it!” he responded to one of his critics. “But he’s been very very weird about ‘coming in under the model’ in this unnerving, disassociated way.”

Here’s Chris Hayes from March 9th slamming Trump for his “happy talk” and suggesting that coronavirus could be beaten.

He went on to claim that Trump admitted he was “personally pressuring health experts not to do the best thing in terms of public health in order to manipulate the numbers downward.

At 5:37.

One month ago, Chris Hayes pushes the conspiracy theory that Trump is personally manipulating the numbers downward.

Now he says Trump has manipulated the numbers upward.

So which is it, Chris? It can’t be both.

The media and the social media monopolists conspire to control the public discourse by deplatforming and censoring anyone who utters a “conspiracy theory,” the true definition of which is any speculation that the leftwing corporate media disapproves of.

But when they float their own conspiracy theories…? I don’t see Twitter marking this tweet as “dangerous” in spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about cooked models and projections.

I don’t see Chris Hayes blocked from his account until he deletes this Fake News conspiracy theory.

Now, if someone on the right were to suggest that the models were merely wrong — not deliberately rigged — he would be censored.

But leftwing conspiracy theories are always in fashion.

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