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I don’t think any freedom loving person has to ask how I feel about this outcome:

The parents of a critically ill infant in the United Kingdom have withdrawn their weeks-long efforts to get Charlie Gard to the United States for experimental therapy. Their attorney told the court today that time had run out for Charlie as the parents burst into tears.

Let me translate that for you – the state procedurally delayed to the point that any hope that there was for the child’s treatment and recovery was overcome by his deteriorating condition. They outwaited an infant. They usurped the parent’s ability to decide what was in the best interest of their own child and then declared that dying was in his best interest.  And they eventually have gotten their way.  We’ll never know if the therapy might have worked for the child, but the parents and the child were never given the opportunity to try, were they?  The government should be incredibly proud of itself.

There was a government in the 1930s that acted much like this.  It was described as “monstrous” by many.  I see no difference here.  Citizens of the UK should be even more aware now that it is the government that owns their lives and has final say as to whether they live … or die.

When you give the power of life and death to the state in the form of your health care, you can be assured the state will exercise that power.  It will decide who should receive treatment and who will die because it has no choice but to ration health care. Always. And when the health care workers work for the state, they have no option but to follow the dictates of the state.  That’s the NHS, the single payer health care system the UK adopted around 1948.

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