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By Jordan Davidson

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sowing doubt about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines by demanding that vaccinated Americans mask up again.
Using the Delta variant to justify its nagging, the CDC is shifting its masking recommendations back to encompass those who have received the shot and re-emphasize that children over 2 years old who attend K-12 schools should continue to don face coverings. Health officials at the agency claimed that “new evidence found that the levels of virus found in breakthrough cases among the vaccinated people are similar to those found in unvaccinated individuals who contract coronavirus, raising concerns that vaccinated individuals may be able to spread the virus.”
The flip-flop comes just two months after the health bureaucrats lifted recommended mask guidance from vaccinated Americans.
“You can resume activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance,” the CDC website stated.


Now, as the corporate media mock and exploit the deaths of unvaccinated COVID patients to draw attention to the Delta variant, the CDC is walking back its original guidance even after promising just last week that there were no plans to alter mask guidance “unless there were a significant change in the science.”

The CNN report of the CDC’s change claims the decision was made after a meeting to review new transmission evidence on Sunday night, but the White House began discussions about possibly urging more masking as early as last Wednesday.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki and her staff repeatedly claimed that “we follow the guidance and advice of health and medical experts” and that “public health guidance is made by the CDC, and they continue to recommend that fully vaccinated individuals do not wear a mask,” but even President Joe Biden hinted that his administration was itching for a change during his most recent CNN town hall event.

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