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Now that the FBI’s routine security review of Hillary Clinton’s email setup is complete, it might be time for a nationwide audit of the government’s and media’s recording equipment.

The State Department has suffered “glitches” lately that erased portions of video from its archives, “technical issues” caused audio to drop out whenever French President Francois Hollande happened to mention “Islamist terrorism,” and Andrea Mitchell’s aside that Juanita Broaddrick had been “discredited” vanished from NBC News’ online report.

Now CNN has fallen victim to some sort of dropout that caused its reporter to miss out on a really critical portion of remarks made by Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith, whose shooting set off rioting, looting, and arson in Milwaukee.

Newsbusters’ Kristine Marsh noted that CNN, in reporting on Smith’s “condemnation” of violence, left out the bit about burning down the suburbs rather than setting fire to the local beauty supply store that housed community essentials like hair weaves.

Yeah, that whole bit about calling for peace …

It would almost be frightening if Vox hadn’t assured the public that rioting could be a tool for positive social change.

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