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Last week, seven officers from the US Capitol Police force quietly filed one of the goofiest civil lawsuits in American history. The regime media reported on the Capitol Police’s 71-page filing in stoic, dignified tones. As is customary, every “journalist” got the same memo, declined to apply any critical examination, and simply took everything at face value.
The New York Times went farther, affirmatively puffing up the Capitol Police’s lawsuit to give the impression Capitol Police officers were simply pursuing “a broad view of the [January 6] riot’s origins.” According to the Times, this is all just a perfectly normal “effort to hold former President Donald J. Trump accountable for the Capitol attack.”

Here was the NYT whitewash:

A group of seven Capitol Police officers filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing former President Donald J. Trump and nearly 20 members of far-right extremist groups and political organizations of a plot to disrupt the peaceful transition of power during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.
The suit, which implicated members of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers militia and Trump associates like Roger J. Stone Jr., was arguably the most expansive civil effort to date seeking to hold Mr. Trump and his allies legally accountable for the storming of the Capitol.
While three other similar lawsuits were filed in recent months, the suit on Thursday was the first to allege that Mr. Trump worked in concert with both far-right extremists and political organizers promoting his baseless lies that the presidential election was marred by fraud.
“This is probably the most comprehensive account of Jan. 6 in terms of civil cases,” said Edward Caspar, a lawyer who is leading the suit for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “It spans from the former president to militants around him to his campaign supporters.”
…While the new lawsuit appears to largely rely on news reports and details gleaned from criminal cases filed by the Justice Department, it takes a broad view of the origins of the attack. It argues that the conspiracy to disrupt the election started as early as May 2020, when Mr. Trump began complaining on social media that mail-in voting could “lead to massive fraud.” [NYT]

This case, Smith vs. Trump, bears little resemblance to the Regime media’s presentation. Nonetheless, it is still a rather important case to track because of its high stakes impact on the public narrative about January 6’s key players and ultimate origins.

This lawsuit is also worth tracking as the most perfectly grotesque Dorian-Gray-portrait of the decaying, fraying Globalist American Empire (GAE).  Here we see the Globalist American Empire’s few decent public leaders torn down by ravenous lawyers, its citizen groups incited and indicted by undercover secret police, and its critical race legal theories devouring the U.S. Constitution — yes, the Portrait of Dorian GAE has never been on more honest display than in the funhouse mirror of Smith vs. Trump.
It’s difficult to convey the sheer scale of the madness here without going line-by-line through the 71-page legal complaint. Fortunately, we already combed it, so you don’t have to.
So, without further ado, we have broken down the four most outrageous features of the Capitol Police lawsuit
1. Cops As Completely Shameless Critical Race Theory Hacks.
Smith vs. Trump may be the very first critical race theory lawsuit filed by law enforcement officers, instead of against them.
There are 206 numbered paragraphs in the cops’ complaint. But the reader need only wait until paragraphs 4 before being bombarded by long word-walls of SJW fantasy about white supremacy:

With this paragraph, the lawsuit already starts spinning sideways right out the gate.
First, note that the Capitol Cops base their case on the “disparate impact” legal theory, which Revolver has repeatedly identified as the doctrine that destroyed America:

Why can’t Oregon make reading or math a condition of graduating high school?
Why can’t San Francisco arrest people for shoplifting?
Why can’t high schools discipline disruptive students anymore?
Why can’t major universities use standardized testing anymore?
Why can’t people show an ID to prove who they are before they vote?
Every single time, the answer is the same: disparate impact, the doctrine that destroyed America.

Here, the Capitol Cops argue that because Trump alleged election fraud in places like Detroit, and Detroit has a larger than average black population, Trump’s claims had a “disparate impact” on black people.

Just like that, Detroit gets a Get Out Of Fraud Free card. The underlying question of whether there was election fraud in Detroit becomes irrelevant, because simply calling for an investigation could disproportionately affect black people due to Detroit’s population. This theory would allow plaintiffs to crack open the civil rights extortion toolkit, and potentially even bankrupt election investigators with punitive legal damages.
This “disparate impact” approach to blocking any inquiry into election fraud does not stop at the Detroit city limits. The Capitol Cops assert that allegations of election fraud in Pittsburgh constitute a form of racialized incitement to violence. Of the Top 100 metro areas in the country, Pittsburgh actually has the lowest percentage of black people. But because its 23% black population is larger than the overall 13% national black share of the population, Pittsburgh gets a “disparate impact” Get Out Of Fraud Free card too.
That’s the power of disparate impact legal reasoning. Even if Republicans never argued the fraud in Pittsburgh had anything to do with its tiny 23% black population, Democrat lawyers can structure their lawfare to give the whole city a civil rights Iron Dome that intercepts election investigations.
But the Capitol Cops don’t stop there. They go on to argue that because Trump’s election fraud claims were a manifestation of racialized white supremacy via the “disparate impact” method above, any Trump supporters who participated in the Stop The Steal protests against election fraud were themselves members of a racially-motivated mob. As such, any ordinary-course scuffles that tend to happen at large protests are treated — when involving Trump supporters — as akin to hate crimes under the D.C. Bias Related Crimes Act of 1989. Indeed, even the formation of the Stop The Steal protest movement itself is framed as a violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1985.

Got that? So if you thought it was a problem that in Detroit they put pizza boxes over the windows where the votes were counted, here are the new rules if the Capitol Cops win their case:

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