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By Julian Conradson

On Saturday, a Rebel News journalist was (purposefully?) caught in the scuffle when dozens of officers armed with clubs and batons launched a vicious and completely unprovoked assault on a group of protesters.
Rebel’s Alexa Lavoie was at the front of the police line filming a Livestream when the chaos broke out. In her video, an officer suddenly lunges forward in an attempt to grab a protester who was simply standing across from him, which causes the entire line of police to begin their attack.
During the scuffle, Lavoie was hit three times in the head by an officer with a baton before another officer walked up and shot her in the leg “point-blank” with a tear gas canister.
After taking the blows to the head and remaining on her feet, the close-range shot causes Lavoie to collapse.
Thankfully, a group of protesters quickly jumps in to remove Lavoie from the situation. They carried her over to a makeshift medical tent that was set up by the convoy for treatment.
Once inside, one of the men who carried Lavoie explains what they saw happen while standing “right next to [her]:”

“That [was] Absolutely f*cking ridiculous. That was point-blank, shot you right in the leg…That was absolutely f*cking terrifying.
I saw him do it. He walked right up to you and shot you in the leg.”

“Which one was it?” Lavoie asks while crying from being in so much pain. Was it the young one? Because he hit me
“I have no idea, the man responds. But he walked right up to you and shot you in the leg.”
Rebel News founder Ezra Levant provided an update on Lavoie, as well as a video of the unprovoked attack.
According to Levant, Lavoie was “specifically targeted” by the officers, after they saw her camera and realized she was filming.
Lavoie’s full Livestream is below (attack begins at 1:03:00):

And a direct link to the live broadcast.
In his update, Levant also made clear that Rebel News would be suing the Canadian police for the brutal assault.
This incident is just the latest shocking scene to come out of Canada this weekend.

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