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by Ace

This witch-faced fascist hag is formerly an American “journalist,” of course — she used to work at MSNBC, among other places.
And then she naturally drifted right into extremist leftwing politics. As they all do.
As I’m fond of pointing out: the most fervent propagandists for extremism, violence, and murder during the French Revolution were… journalists. Jean-Paul Marat was a “journalist,” for example. (The occupation that was the second-most bloodthirsty during the Revolution? Lawyers, obviously. Like Robespierre.)
As George Lucas might say: History’s like a poem, it rhymes.
Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history. This act gives the Canadian government martial law powers in cases of invasion or threats to national security. Justin Trudeau is claiming that the “occupation” of parts of Ottawa constitute an invasion.
And he’s threatening to begin arresting truckers.

And these won’t be normal arrests — these arrests will come with confiscation of your licenses and your savings.

Canadian police massed in the capital Thursday, readying to clear a trucker-led protest that has choked Ottawa’s streets for three weeks and provoked the government to call on rarely used emergency powers.With barricades going up and a heavy police presence forming in the area where hundreds of big rigs remained parked, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Parliament nearby defending his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act for only the second time ever in peacetime.
“Illegal blockades and occupations are not peaceful protests,” Trudeau told the House of Commons, adding: “They have to stop.”

And the “anti-authoritarian” resistance in the US, made up of the Jacobin US media and their Neocon/Neoliberal Snarling Fascist allies, cheered.
Because a bunch of Canadian working class people, who could never have possibly voted for Trump, felt vaguely “Trump-ish” to them, and therefore were literally subhumans with no human rights to demonstrate and protest.
The former chief of police of Ottawa just resigned, almost certainly because he was not willing to “do what needs to be done,” as Fidel Castro’s bastard get demanded.
Now that Castreau has, presumably a more amenable apparatchik installed to execute his will, the Rough Stuff will begin.
And this is not due to any actual “emergency” — just because of the political “emergency” that Justin Trudeau is rapidly losing support and needs to use violent, authoritarian (and illegal) means to “look tough” and re-assert his power.
And the anti-authoritarians of NeverTrump cheer.

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