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The Daily Caller:

Police in the Toronto suburb of Peel are charging a local man  who was concerned with Muslim students being granted special Friday prayer time with “wilful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group.”

CBC News reports that Kevin Johnston made news a few months ago when he offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could provide video of Muslim students “spewing hate speech during Friday prayers.” Police say Johnston was arrested for “numerous incidents” and won’t say if the YouTube video is one of those but that the charge “concerns over information published on various social media sites.”

The Peel region has been the focus of numerous school board protests because Muslim students are allowed to conduct Friday prayer services in Arabic and many parents are concerned that these events are potential focal points for radicalization.

Peel police Sgt. Josh Colley told CBC Toronto that Johnston was arrested after a five-month investigation that apparently focused on “messaging” that the police considered hateful.

“It’s not a private message that he was conveying, it was a public message … Anyone could hear, understand the messaging, so that’s where the communicating hateful messages comes into play,” Colley said. Even though the “the group that was targeted was the Muslim community,” Colley said that “affects us all.”


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